Sunday, 15 August 2010

Week 4: Monday 2nd - Friday 6th

Ok, so this a little more than in retrospect but I wanted to conclude the project for future reference and so it didn't look like I just disappeared into nowhere! This was my progress on week four which was the last full week I was going to have in the studio as the following week was hanging time! I wanted to let everything dry this week so I began by finishing off my prints and one particular big piece that I was scratching into so it could dry in time. I had realised at this point that I had made more of a substantial body of work than I had thought I would have when I started. I don't think the work I have produced was necessarily perfect and polished but it has certainly been productive in pushing my practice further. I now have rekindled my interest in tools and the print process developing my visual language in this medium.
Successes have been my colour palette is better in the sense it is in ways truer to the real life tool workshop and I have found some new styles I can explore further for example: developing the photocopy pieces to look more at scale and execution. Things I'd like to develop are the flatness factor which has improved and hasn't and I wonder if I can create even richer and deeper surfaces within the prints. I'd like too. I would also like to explore the background work I had been exploring but didn't have time to finish using the empty workshop as a scene to print off of. As far as failures go, there have been a few pieces which I won't hang come the exhibition and even the work that I do hang isn't perfect by far but there is, as I have mentioned a lot of potential to develop the things discovered here, further.
In the latter part of this week I managed to cut out twenty-ish tools for future canvases to go in the Somerset Art Weeks exhibition, so I was pleased about that too.
Messy feet in a messy studio space....

Studio space at the end of Week 3.

Work that combines the photocopy process with the printing one.

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