Sunday, 15 August 2010

That's tool for now!

This will be my last post in residence on this blog in which I want to take a moment to conclude and reflect on the residency as a whole. Thanks to everyone who came to the Private View on Friday, very, very appreciated! Secondly, thanks to Emily Bull who has run the residency and supported us throughout the project especially when it came to hanging the exhibition. Cheers, Brian and Paul and Somerset College too!

I have really loved having the studio space on this residency and have made some really good progress in my work and enjoyed it at the same time. There has been a lot I want to draw from this experience too and I have a clearer idea of my strengths and weaknesses as an artist (in my work and in a professional sense) and hope to expand on this when I progress onto my Masters in September this year. What was particularly exciting for me was that I have been given several tools from different people as a result of the project and I can now explore what I originally intended in looking at tools that other professions use. I have exhausted the same old saws, hammers that I have used for previous projects and am grateful for the offers of more unusual tools to use from other people! I've got Somerset Art Weeks to prepare for now too so watch this space!

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