Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mobile phones

The bar code reader on my mobile not working...

not a problem
my work was never about having the technology , more about how the technology can be used as a creative medium. For me I have used it as tool ,exploring the space between old and new technologies, the space between words that look or sound similar but which have different meanings, between the ancient landscapes/sacred sites and the integration of semacodes in a way that connects with the land, rather than offering a new tool to describe the past and also I guess what it is to be human and what that might mean in relation to technology.
Technology offers a kind of phantasy of a better life that works, new and improved .

As humans we are vulnerable, subject to all sorts of errors and failings.

We get things wrong,we make mistakes, our worlds are multi layered, complex.

So I have uploaded some images I created on the drawing panel app relating to the format of semacode ,its wordless and expressive ... meaningful and cannot be decoded.
I like that idea.

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